Tshirt WeLove for Rexouium

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Tshirt WeLove for Rexouium for Vrchat.

There are BlendShapes for female, muscle versions.

  • The package includes SPP files which can be further customized,
    but you will need the latest version of Substance Painter to do so.

  • Several variants of ready-made textures
    - WeLoveVRC
    - WeLoveVFX
    - WeLoveERP

  • A function has been implemented to switch the label from VFX to ERP depending on the level of illumination.
    To do this, a Poiyomi shader is required.

Made for, but does not include, the Rexouium by Rezillo Ryker


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Do not resell or share the asset.
This asset can be used on public avatars.
For commissions, both parties must have the asset purchased.

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Tshirt WeLove for Rexouium

2 ratings
I want this!